Sunday, August 23, 2009

Halloween II (1981, Rick Rosenthal) The ALAN SMITHEE COMMENTARY TRACK

Mr Sandman, bring me a dream!

As promised, the very special premiere of my first commentary track with Andrew of The Stop Button and our Alan Smithee Podcast: Just in time for - actually, a pre-emptive strike against Rob Zombie's Halloween II: The Sequel, our commentary is on Rick Rosenthal's 1981,Halloween II better known as "the one at the hospital"!

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Halloween II features great Dean Cundey photography and very Friday the 13th style everything else. While never scary, there's a ton of continuity from the first movie making it a fan favorite and as much as we make fun of it, we both agree the last 15 minutes are cool. It's one of the better 80s horror sequels that suck compared to the original, and good middling junk fun.

Join us as we revisit a quasi-slasher classic!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting commentary -- about Carpenter's direction, from what I understand he directed the whole opening up until Jamie Lee is loaded onto the ambulance. He also directed the scene where the nurse finds a dead Dr. Mixter and gets a needle in her eye. What is interesting about this scene is that Carpenter homages PSYCHO with this whole scene. She walks into the docs office and the SHOWER is running, their are two pictures of framed BIRDS on the walls, she calls his name "Dr. Mixter" just like Vera Miles calls "Mrs. Bates" -- before rotating him the same way in the chair as Mrs. Bates is turned in PSYCHO. I agree the cinematography and music is top notch for the film -- but the movie doesn't come alive until the last 15 minutes. Sept. 15th will pose a new special edition of HII with commentary by Rosenthal and his TV cut.