Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dangerous Men (2005, John S. Rad)

--Thanks to YouTube user "jdubbs530" for capturing this rare glimpse--

Dangerous Men may or may not be the bad movie event of the decade. Its historical anomaly is unprecedented: an Erotic Action-Thriller filmed in pieces spanning the late 80s to mid 90s by an Iranian emigre named John Yeghanehrad (John Rad to you and me) with a great love for American mainstream trash, a paltry understanding of the English language, and the raw cinematic instincts of Ed Wood.

After years of production, post-production, shifting casts and apparently endless script revisions, this time capsule of glorious ineptitude found its way to a mere six Los Angeles theaters in 2005, of which Rad personally financed along with local television and radio spots.

Then, having fulfilled his life's destiny, he died.

Had he lived another 25 years he might have pulled a Robert Hiltzik, but given the speed of his first production he would've had to start now.

By the grace of LA's Silent Movie Theater, a print was acquired for exhibition as part of both their "HolyFuckingShit" and "Festival of Indulgence" programming series. The latter included Cracking Up / Smorgasboard, making The Silent a strong competitor to The New Bev for finest revival theater in LA.

Now. The way this film was revealed to me was with more or less the information I've stated, and a saucy preview scene different to but roughly the same length as the above clip. As the Silent's curators explained, the greatest enjoyment of this film comes from total ignorance of its proceedings. Describing its heights of earnest stupor would be rather like describing the weaknesses-as-strengths of Plan 9 From Outer Space; an explanation of a joke which entirely unravels any potential unseen enjoyment.

When is the movie coming out? Maybe never, until the next screening. As Rad remains deceased, the rights are in limbo and the cult audience does not yet exist. There are literally perhaps several hundred people who've now seen this film at most. I apologize for this review; it is a necessary failure to plant the seed of curiosity in anyone who happens across this.

Here is the only known interview with the man.

An action suspense, mystery drama


Unknown said...

Great job here. This movie is so amazing and unsettling. I am still not convinced that it is not an elaborate cinematic hoax though.

Greg Goodsell said...

NO WAY is this the ONLY interview with John S. Rad. I interviewed him for SCREEM magazine just before he died! Nyeah!

Anonymous said...

Interestingly :)

DTG Reviews said...

I found this movie very entertaining. Wonderfully driven with great dialogue and full of remarkable theories. The whole story makes you wanna keep watching.

Anonymous said...

I saw this movie back in 2007 at the Laemmle Sunset 5 in LA.

There was only 10 people in the theater. I have never laughed so hard in my life.

The incredible thing is that when we walked out we realized that John Rad had actually attended the screening and was still sitting in the audience. He never removed his glasses.