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Jing Wong's Naked Genres Part 2

Naked Killer begged for a follow-up and got it in the form of the even more perversely titled Raped By An Angel. Again written by Jing Wong and starring some of the same cast, distributors caught whiff of a franchise and released the movie in same markets as Naked Killer 2.

The storyline is once again on the Skinemax level, taken to "the max." There's no kung-fu action but the graphic sex remains. When rape hits the screen the sex crime is treated as a plot point rather than a dramatic end in itself. It's only the beginning! It's the focal point of "Raped By An Angel," natch! My podcast co-host and I touch upon Korean film's matter-of-fact acceptance of violence against women as part of reality in our next episode; the same can be said of Asian films as a whole.

The funniest thing about the genre-title treatment of rape is the titles it produces. You wouldn't think twice about seeing a bunch in a row like "Murder Party," "Kill Bot" or "Blood Diner" but replace those death words with sex crimes and you're into uncharted territory for Western genre fans (ie Western Civilization.) Asian films don't flinch about brutal inequities between men and women, so when the focus of a genre thriller is sex, look out.

The plot of RBAA is a lot less gonzo than Naked Killer but begins in a comfortably uncomfortable place: a hockey masked strong man breaks into a woman apartment and rapes her. Then he stops. It's her boyfriend, a lawyer who happens to be into rape play...perhaps a bit too much (dun dun duuuun)

Soon enough, a beautiful commercial actress has moved into the apartment next door and the lawyer begins an intricate plot to rape her and get away with it. First he makes himself seen around the building in just the right way so the tenants think he's her boyfriend. Then he befriends the actresses best friend. Then the crime happens, and it's time for some revenge. Unfortunately the revenge involves entrapping the lawyer in another rape attempt rather than slicing his head off, but it all remains as suitably trashy as Naked Killer. The direction doesn't have nearly as much zip, either, despite some bold colors and Dutch angles.

I might've stopped there if Netflix didn't also have Raped By An Angel 2: Uniform Fan available.

......."Raped By An Angel 2"


Well I can't resist that. Even the title blows away the Skinemax competition in sheer brassiness. Titles like "Fatal Seduction" are entirely emblematic of the faux classiness that's plagued American trash since the death of the drive-in. "Raped By An Angel" is trashy but "Part 2: Uniform Fan" sends it into the stratosphere.

The alternate titles for Part 1 included "Legal Rape" and "Super Rape" by the way.

I'm not proud to say that to me the phrase "Uniform Fan" is immediately evocative. It should be obvious to everyone, right? In the opening sequence we meet our rapist, who is much more at the center of the action than in the previous installment. He explains his love of girls in various uniforms came from being a boy scout. He became a dentist to meet women in uniforms (???) and has a nurse girlfriend whom he makes wear the clothes to bed, natch. She works in his private office and helps him get away with molesting the patients he sedates with gas.

Mr Dental Rape is also a psycho who likes to pick off the occasional victim off the street. One morning an ex-Triad and his toadie find a victim's body and have to stand her upright against an alley wall so that they're not seen with her. It's goofy, and this hilarious show of bad taste introduces these two as protagonists. Hey, compared to a psycho rapist...?

Later that day the ex-Triad happens to accidentally be present at the scene of a sidewalk shootout and is taken into custody by the female cop who saw him. He wants her but she's not having any of it. Lady Cop also has a little sister in high school who just happens to need to see a dentist...

As in Part 1, the rapist has an intricate and devious plan to get away with it. Then he turns his attentions to Lady Cop - but she's onto him, and with a little help from Ex-Triad, justice will be served.

Despite even less resemblance to Part 1 or Naked Killer in directorial style, there's a great deal of sexploitation amiability - particularly the recurring motif of crazy Mr Dental Rape fantasizing the nonexistent come-ons of every female he meets.

I recommend the whole batshit crazy trilogy. Maybe when the rest of the (mostly) Wong-penned series arrives, I'll check them out too:

Raped by an Angel 3: Sexual Fantasy of the Chief Executive

Raped by an Angel 4: The Raper's Union (directed by Jing Wong!)

Miss Kwan a writer with writer's block and her goofy cop boyfriend are being tormented by an American named Daniel who's housing two escaped rapists. Daniel and the two friends spend there time combing the bars and clubs looking for girls. They cross paths with Kwan and her friends and the madness and carnage begins. Anthony Wong also stars as a lunatic named the Human Milk Drinking Doctor. A madman who rapes lactating women. He's reformed though (through working as an projectionist in a porno theater). Wong helps the couple defeat Daniel and his co-horts. Written by Joseph P. Ulibas {}

Raped by an Angel 5: The Final Judgement

Five women seek revenge against their rapists. Can they get to him before he can strike back? (penned by Wong)

You know what? This stuff'll never arrive over here. Check out what little miraculously made it to Netflix, and revel. You pervs.

Hats off, Jing!

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