Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bat-Mania update: WHO Face?

So see looks - someone snapped a blurry pic of a Two Face toy, showing what Aaron ("think about the future") Eckhardt will look like as Two Face. Or rather, how Nolan and co. are making contritions around the character's innate fantasy nature.

As you can see, he's more 3/4 face. He even has his whole nose intact, no bisection. On the other hand, they've kept him purple like Tommy Lee Jones where they could've made him green or blue. It's been done both ways. Still makes me wonder color Billy Dee Williams (what is it with three name actors playing Harvey Dent?) would've had if they'd kept him on after '89.

The red eye is a nice touch, as is the lost hair.

On the other hand. The outfit. The key clincher for Nolan's tyrannous lousy pseudo-realism is that the split outfit is gone. You'd think if The Joker could assemble a thrift-store version of the character's comic book costume, Harvey Dent could at least go crazy enough to stitch together two pairs of suits. There could be stitching all over it and everything, perfectly (cough) realistic.

They gave him a purple hand, too. So let's see, JOKER doesn't get to have full body discoloration, but Harvey...? IT JUST DON'T ADD UP, I TELLS YA!!

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Andrew Wickliffe said...

did you notice he's called (the trademark-friendly, I presume) Harvey Two-Face again?