Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bat-Mania update 1-19-08

Some inventive YouTubers have, perhaps inadvertently, displayed the amount of material being recycled from Tim Burton's take on the material, all these years later.

Here is a music cue from Batman '89 with The Dark Knight trailer. Note the Wagnerian superiority of Elfman's music for what Nicholson called "Nietsche for kids"

Someone else matched the full The Dark Knight trailer audio to Batman '89 footage. I still can't get over 'Batman' not being in the title.

Here's the irrefutable Zapruder film evidence: The TDK trailer side by side with selected footage from Batman '89.

I've used to wonder, "did not The Joker do Jokeresque things like poison people, hijack the airwaves and actually be funny in a psychotic way?" I don't suspect Heath Ledger will be funny, but then he's not supposed to be. Did not Batman ride a cool car, fire grappling hooks, crash through skylights? Then I remembered: the fickle fanboys don't realize or care that they're sold a car with a new body but an old engine again and again.

And just as a pallet cleanser, here's a charming goofball who can sing, giving the rumored Batman on Broadway musical reconsideration. The simple genius is simply to use Elfman's iconic music with lyrics like some of this guy's:

Batman's insane

Batman's Bruce Wayne

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