Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bat-Mania: the revelation

Since my last rant, a few additional promotional images from the next film and a teaser trailer have been released. Contrary to my expectations, Warner Brothers has not stepped in and added the prefix "Batman" to the title "The Dark Knight," apparently attempting a Star Wars-esque elevation of film franchise stature. It's the pseudo-serious legitimacy the Batnerd establishment has been pining for and comes merely at the cost of distancing their beloved character from himself.

From only a few lines of dialogue it's painfully obvious that even without David Goyer screenwriting, the same turgid expository tone of interaction shall remain. Neither Batman nor Alfred sound as though they're talking to each other, but to the audience in the most long-winded and stodgy manner possible. Not a semblance of wit or actual emotion. At least The Joker is a self-consciously theatrical and pompous character, so his verbiage may be more tolerable.

The fact that I care enough about this teaser reminds me that I cannot escape my basic enjoyment of Batman, and anticipation of a new live action film. Since I have little hope for it's quality, the subsequent reminder is that it was far more fun to anticipate the last film than to view it: awaiting pictures of the actors, the costumes, the Batmobile, the trailer, et cetera.

The hype is officially more fun than the movie. The next film is almost a full year away, and I must turn to cynicism in order to enjoy my Bat-fandom. The portrayal of The Joker may be terrible, but of course it will be thrilling to see him in action whenever the full length trailer is released. The same for Harvey Dent / Two-Face, though any serious portrayal will be preferable to the comic one of Batman Forever. I once railed against film hype which entertained in tandem to the film being promoted, but in this case, I may have no choice. William Castle lives. The sizzle smells great, so fuck the steak.

Yes, father. I shall enjoy the hype.

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